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His other hit songs include, "I Can Hear Your Heartbeat", "Stainsby Girls", "Josephine", "On the Beach" (Adult Contemporary No.

In an interview in 2012, Chris Rea denied those claims and noted that this was a classic example of how dangerous the internet can be, while criticising the politicians and government of the UK and EU as remote from the common people.

In February 2008, Chris Rea released a new album, The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes (a dedication to the 1960s Hofner guitar), featuring 38 new tracks on three CDs and two vinyl, which included a hardback book of his paintings.

In writing the album, Rea dreamed up a band that had never existed – a pastiche instrumental group from the late 1950s called The Delmonts, who in early 1960s evolved into blues band The Hofner Bluenotes.

Everything that you've done falls away and start wondering why you went through all that rock business stuff".), but was disappointed with the music business and radio broadcasting when Michael Parkinson (who initially supported him to do the record) told him the songs which are longer than three minutes are not allowed to be played anymore.

Rea concluded: "I was never a rock star or pop star and all the illness has been my chance to do what I'd always wanted to do with music [...] the best change for my music has been concentrating on stuff which really interests me".

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