Debden house campsite essex

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Ideal campsite to visit London Debden House campsite is surrounded by Epping Forest and is a perfect location for a camping getaway.

Debden’s central location, only 20 minutes from the Stratford International terminal and 30 minutes from London Central, makes it an ideal base to explore London, Essex and the Home Counties.

Most landowners take a dim view of what for many of us, from distantly-remembered childhood adventures, was the essence of a camping trip.

Britain's largest private campsite collection is run by The Caravan Club, which has 200 family-friendly sites and 2,500 smaller "certificated locations", but they won't allow their million or so users to light fires at any of them. "We allow barbecues, though, if they're not too smoky." But as "townies" try to get back to nature and parents seek to introduce their children to long-lost pleasures, there has been a surge in demand for campfire camping, and websites promising to help have sprung up in response.

Shell Island Llanbedr, Gwynedd, north Wales ( They say "Stunning views of the unspoilt Welsh countryside".

I say Fires only in "fire bins" (sold on-site from £10) raised off ground.

I say Bushcraft courses on this 200-acre working farm include how to start a fire with flint or bowdrill.

There are 40 pitches for tents and small motorhomes; showers, lavatories.

Wowo Campsite Uckfield, Sussex ( They say "A family campsite, child- and dog-friendly, allowing families to camp together in groups; "camping just isn't the same without a crackling campfire" I say 48 pitches for tents only; showers, lavatories and on-site shop.

And all just a walk, ride or tube journey away from the Capital.

Immersed in history, the ancient market town of Waltham Abbey is the resting place of King Harold and home to the District Museum where you can learn about the district's rich heritage, and the Royal Gunpowder Mills were you can discover the secret history of gunpowder production and rocket development.

Build the fire in layers until you have a good bed of embers to cook over.

Epping Forest forms a direct green link between London and rural Essex and lends its name to a market town and surrounding district that never fails to surprise and delight visitors who discover its many attractions.

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