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As war takes hold will he rise to win the game or will he be crushed by the factions all around him. Harry Potter is distraught at the loss of his Godfather and with a little understanding from a blonde friend of his runs though the Veil after him. HP/LL ALL CHAPTERS NOW BETA'DWhen Lily Potter died to save her son, she didn't crossover, instead she was spiritually bonded with her son, with some unexpected side-effects. Sadly, rules get in the way of this and he must now find a new way to keep living. At least he gets another chance to live life his way and on his terms. Year Three (Harry Potter and the Death Eater Menace) starts on 9/1/16. An elder vampire teaches him necromancy and dark magic as he grows up. Harry Potter, along with Lash, his Guardian Angel, is about to start his third year of magical schooling.In Doing so he becomes so lost..will he find his way home again? As he grows up to become a new Dark Lord of the Wizarding World, over time she will change with him. Warning: Mentions of attempted suicide and other stuff to come. All the while Voldemort's soul fragment is whispering in his head. After the Basilisk incident, Hogwarts is in danger of closing forever, and now an escaped mass murderer is on the loose.Harry's journey into the mind arts begins with a bout of accidental magic and he practices it and hungers for the feelings it brings.Harry dies at Voldemort's hands and wakes up as a ten year old back in the cupboard at number four Privet Drive.I thank people for their support If anyone has any comments on things I need to improve on please message me Id love to hear suggestions on how to improve.

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Now a fifteen year old Harry lives in the body of his ten year old self, and is intent on changing the future for the better. Bad Dumbledore, good Snape, slightly manipulated but still good Weasley's. He writes a letter, more for himself than anything.

Harry and Rose Potter faced everything together...until the Ministry ripped him away from her. Then Hedwig takes it upon herself to deliver it to someone just as alone as him.

Now, finally, Rose - with the assistance of Gabrielle Delacour - has found him again. Harry flees his home to avoid performing accidental magic again (thanks to Aunt Marge).

I am currently only working on one, set shortly after the last book but I will work on others never you mind.

Also bear in mind that I am English and writing about characters in a country I have never been to is difficult.

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