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I’m sure people come up to you and pitch myths all the time.Has anyone come up with an idea during the tour that has promise?But there's enough change here to make this sequel- of-sorts not feel like Myth Busters 2.0.Unlike Myth Busters, where Byron, Imahara, and Belleci tested out urban legends, this time around, the ex-M7 Build Team takes true pop-culture stories - think jailbreaks, annoying technology, scam artists, and heists - and ranks how impressive each story is." /This show promotes an interest in science and curiosity; investigators wear proper protective gear and take precautions for any dangerous missions; children might need a reminder not to try dangerous stunts at home.Dramatic reenactments of events may be violent -- for example, a prison break with masked men brandishing guns.is a reality show that investigates historical phenomena such as famous heists and odd World War II weaponry.This show's education value is high -- graphics and narration drive home the way things work, such as how an escape-proof building is constructed or how a hot-air balloon rises.

"You've given literally your blood, sweat, and tears in the name of science and it has been a total pleasure not only to work with you but to call you our friends."Added Hyneman, "We wish you the very best of luck and thank you." Byron, Belleci, and Imahara responded to the news, and to their fans, on Twitter.

There’s a viral video that came out recently in which some Japanese girls deep-fried shrimp in like 10 seconds by firing the shrimp from a cannon. At the beginning of the show it was like, “Let’s do some electrocution myths!

Everybody has been forwarding it to me and people out on the road have been suggesting it. Are there other types of myths that you no longer want to do? ” But electricity is incredibly difficult to work with, televisually.

“We were very keen for [Imahara, Byron and Belleci] to be a part of the show, we are massive fans of theirs, and what they did over 10 years was phenomenal,” Tapster says. But it gave us the opportunity to reinvent the show, which it kind of needed.” The new season, which premieres Jan.

“There were negotiations, and based on those negotiations, they opted out. 10, “is probably the one I’m most proud of,” Tapster says.

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