Leighton meester dating october 2018

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Meanwhile, Serena (Lively) has gone to the ball with a dork from Dalton (his IM handle is Rich Boy IV), but is really in love with Dan (Badgley), the intellectual outsider from Brooklyn, who loves her back with a sincerity heretofore unseen in any real-life teenage boy with unblemished skin.Did we mention that all of this is being narrated by an anonymous teenage blogger (voiced by Kristen Bell) who puts TMZ to shame?And then a funny thing happened: E-mails and texts from fans of all ages began filling our in-boxes. And so on the eve of the show’s return from writers’-strike limbo, we are here to give you the six best reasons you should openly love The teen drama has been around for literally thousands of years.

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All-American good boy Chace Crawford was said to be dating , for added spice, former boy-band member JC Chasez.

You can practically hear the sign-off as each new rumor hits: Dan, all cheekbones and philosophical musings.

“The psychology of celebrity is such a weird and new thing,” Dan — Penn — says of the cast’s sudden notoriety.

But it’s also a thoroughly modern take on the genre (it’s a show about a blog, for Perez’s sake!

), where teenagers are stalked by camera phones, the parents are as screwed up as the kids, and there are absolutely no consequences for anyone’s actions.

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