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There are a whole slew of studies devoted to human attraction, and what makes one person desirable to another, and how people navigate what my mother terms “all the fish in the sea.” This is obviously a complicated, nuanced field, with lots of individual differences.

But in general, the findings on age are pretty clear. But men looking for a partner, gay or straight, tend to favor people the same age or younger than them.

Same service, different price points, based solely on the dating industry’s longtime Achilles heel: . (Roughly half of Tinder’s users are between ages 18 and 24; the rest fall in that over-25 age range.) It’s not exactly a controversial concept, and one you’re probably pretty familiar with already. Except, as bloggers and Tinder-swipers the world over have pointed out, there are some very real economic differences between online dating and music streaming.

It’s the reason some theaters reserve discounted tickets for patrons under 30, and why many services — including Spotify, Tinder would like you to note — offer a discounted “student” rate. Dating is a market unto itself — a market that heavily penalizes over-30s, already.

(We won’t even get into younger guys — the picture’s pretty much the same.) According to Plenty of Fish, women are considered the most attractive at age 25.

Per Ok Cupid, the ideal online-dating age is even lower — 21 or 22, at the high end.

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Tinder Plus isn’t cheap: It runs about .99 a month for most users.It seems the woman was rescued unharmed, but Liam’s window was destroyed.Speaking to the BBC, he’s been quoted north of £300 to replace the window and as a postgraduate student, that is a significant chunk of his monthly budget. Luckily, he’s already raised £2,052He said he and his date decided to split the extra cash between two charities, one supporting firefighters and another that builds and maintains flushing toilets in developing countries.There are a few theories for why this might be: an assumption that age = life stage/maturity; some biological concerns about “ticking clocks” and that kind of thing; an inherent fixation on youth, something people have prized, across cultures, since pretty much the beginning of time.Whatever the exact reasons, it puts single people over 30 (especially single, heterosexual women over 30) in a bit of a bind.

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