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We have a nightclub in Edinburgh that used to be great, full of oldies in fact it was called 'Jurassic Park' for a while but i liked the music asnd i do like a dance.Nowadays my son who is 23 goes with his mates sometimes and im sure wouldnt want to bump into his mum lol.I guess younger people can have 2 affects on you when you are out.. My views are i aint goin out in my town no more(keighley)as you get 3 kinds of people generally...1.Teenagers ladies buss pass in 1 hand fake id in the other,and skirts that dont leave anything to the imagination! Teenage lads i've had 1 pint im blind drunk,and i can take on the world*sigh*.3.

Here in Blackpool its a nightmare with stag and hen parties looking for a one night stand but you just ignore them, get yourself to Sanuk in the over 25's room and boogie all night long............til your shoes hurt soooo much you cant walk anymore When im not single though im happier to go for a meal with my man or just snuggle up on the sofa with a takeaway and a bottle or two of winegod i love going out, shame all my friends are married and not alowd out as much as me, so dont get to go out as much as id like to, but love it when i do.nothing like the following day when your memory starts to come back lolwhen we stopped getting so pissed we couldnt remember how rubbish it was.i went out last friday and had a great time in my local pub with a few friends, nice comfy seats good conversation - nice area for a smoke, heated with seats and all that.

Of course if i'm with a group of friends I will enjoy myself in their company, but if it's me and one other female then finding entertainment through interaction with others is highly unlikely as we're both around 15 years senior to most others around us. I still love a good night out in town, most saturday nights to be honest!

Most of my friends are younger than me so I dont really feel my age when Im out.

Not to mention the fellas who think you'd like to hear all their woes, and be their very own personal agony aunt. I dont go down town anymore as the women are all drunk and fighting each otherafter the nightclubs close so its much safer staying at home watching match of the "ladies" wear such short mini skirts in winter it must be freezing up there! Me and my best mate went out the other week into town on a saturday. Used to love gettting dressed up and hitting the town but not it takes me all my time.

Most of the pubs and clubs are full of kids in their 20's or younger.

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