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That lane is actually intended for passing, which astonishingly few drivers seem to recognize. Remember: it’s a courtesy to other drivers to travel in non-passing lanes, since it helps avoid bottlenecks that form when slower cars are arrayed across the entire road.

And it also eliminates the possibility of explaining to the officer your ignorance of the law. It’s even more worrisome given that pretty much all vehicles produced in the last ten years or so are Bluetooth-enabled.

To do this, Jared recommends 'measuring from the dimple of the nose straight up to the beginning portion of the eyebrow with a pencil' - this represents where your brows should start.

And if you’re in the market for a flashy new set of wheels, here are The Best Cars from the 1990s—ranked.

They’re everywhere—tailgaters, passing-lane squatters, cell phone talkers, oblivious drifters—and they make you wonder why we hand out driver’s licenses as a right rather than a well-earned privilege.

As always, your best defense against such automotive incompetence is to enhance your own smart driving skills.

By correctly positioning your hands lower on the wheel, you’re minimizing your risk of injury by creating a bigger opening between your limbs.

And if you’ve ever witnessed footage of professional race drivers plying their craft, you’ll see that’s how they grip their wheel. In most states, cops take a dim view of drivers squatting in the far left lane on freeways, and for good reason.

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