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An educational hub aimed at providing opportunities for youth in different districts around the country, focusing mainly in strengthening aptitude in ICT, English Language skills and entrepreneurial education skills.

SHOW You Care is a campaign that aims to mobilize youth to take concerted action raising awareness on the issue of harassment of women in public places and to bring attention of the public to the existing laws and the legal measures relevant to harassment.

In this critical period of transition for the country, we have the opportunity to replace a culture of divisiveness and conflict and be a voice for change; for hope and reconciliation.

The Sri Lanka Unites movement represents this choice of our nation’s youth, from ethnic and religious groups, from across the country, to rise up and provide a new voice.

“Once again, I was feeling fed up,” Mohammadu explains.

Although differences outweigh the similarities in number, the similarities / commonalities make us more human, more bounded to each other I am really impressed with the work of Sri Lanka Unites and only wish I had longer to chat with the young leaders you are supporting.

It was inspiring to hear some of their stories and commitment to ensuring lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

“Anything I ever wanted, he supported me.” After a failed attempt at studying abroad (due to finances), and spending two years straight working in the hotel, Mohammadu told his father he could no longer continue working in the family business and would take a local course on IT instead.

During the course, Mohammadu learned about freelancing.

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