Stacy dating teacher

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Suffice to say that you’re lucky if you score a date with a single teacher.There are so many good qualities that a teacher of any subject has that will shine through if you make it far enough to start actually dating.At work, the art teacher can usually be found in the breakroom, using their hands to describe their current unit on abstract expressionist paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock to another teacher, who will be nodding politely but have no idea what they're talking about.There’s a 99% chance that if they aren't there, they'll be in their classroom, washing something in the sink.They're likely good at hiding how competitive they are, so don’t be surprised when they scream “ At work, the science teacher can be found collaborating with other science teachers on next week’s lessons.

At work, they're the most caring and patient person in the building.But you’ll also find that if they're one thing, they're exhausted. And if you want to know what they're like on a night out, that’s a bummer, because they probably won’t even make it.They're typically asleep by pm every Friday night during the school year.And if you party together, expect them to constantly be socializing.Their inquisitive nature will almost always lead to them asking questions about something.

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