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“He wanted to see if I still had the courage and physical ability to deal with those kinds of situations.

I had to prove myself on the street all over again.” Nothing had changed about Marin, who had served 20 years before she came out in 2001.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is credited by some in the community for creating a more tolerant culture in the department.

Still, plenty of transgender officers encounter the frightening challenges and alienation Marin had to endure.

In 2014, officer Gary Abbink became the first openly transgender cop on the Austin Police Department’s force.

Earlier this year, Abbink told that his fellow officers had been encouraging and supportive.

Endocrinologists who are puberty blocking drugs and hormones to these youth, mental health professionals who are affirming the surgery and surgeons have a professional responsibility to warn parents and youth of the documented risks associated with both the drugs given and the surgery.

It is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges."[1] Transsexual issues are creating new controversy in our elementary and high schools today as a result of youth and their parents asserting a right to identify the sex of their child without regard to the biological and genetic realities.RELATED: More Americans Say They Know a Trans Person, and That Can Save Lives Marin started the group as a Yahoo chat room in 2002 after participating in a study on transgender law enforcement conducted by Tom Whetstone of the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville.“When I first started looking around and reaching into what being transgender meant, I thought, ‘Oh god, I’m the only cop around who’s transgender,’ ” Marin recalled. I found a lot of wisdom and solace in listening to the people that had transitioned before me.” From there, the group grew exponentially by word of mouth and morphed into a service- and education-based organization that connects officers to the resources they need, and provides police departments with sample policies and procedures to help them navigate the legal landscape that can come with aiding an officer who is transitioning on the job.As the violence escalated, he ultimately intervened.“He waited until it got pretty ugly,” Marin told Take Part.

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