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Though, as of late, the story seems to be dimming slightly, and that causes a loss of one Loved the idea.

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They keep the drama real enough, and have little to no plot holes.They tend to take out lines out of context and apply double standards, ignoring the parts that aren't convenient to them. And I would also congratulate the creators on taking a real life FTM to play an FTM.This show touches many social problems and present one of the possible approaches always carrying love and thinking about others. As far as I know, you guys are the first one to do that, since most producers just take an actor and hope that she will make it work. I bow my head low for your decision, which, although quite obvious, took a long way to make. The idea behind the show is well executed and feels very modern and believable.I never watch this kind of TV shows, but the family idea and the message that is installed and thought in every episode catches the attention.Loved the discussion between the loving moms, catholics and a self-proclaimed-catholic father of one of the mom. There are so many self-proclaimed-catholics who have no idea what the WHOLE bible and teachings are about. And not some crap like simpsons, family guy, sponge-whatever-pants, etc.p.s.

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