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For a time, Mc Queen seemed aimless, moving and changing jobs frequently. Bill, Mc Queen in 1951 enrolled at the Neighborhood Playhouse, run by Sanford Meisner.

He discovered his calling with the help of a girlfriend who was also an aspiring actress. Mc Queen's first role as an actor was a bit part in a Yiddish theatrical production; he only had one line and was cut from the show after four nights.

More interested in her own life, Julian soon left Steve in the care of his great-granduncle Claude Thompson.

He stayed with his great-granduncle on his farm in Slater, Missouri, for many years, seeing his mother from time to time.

He returned home and began a series of odd jobs around the country, including working on oil rigs and in a carnival. The only way I could have been made corporal was if all the other privates in the Marines dropped dead," he said, according to Marshall Terrill's .

After being discharged from the Marines in 1950, Mc Queen spent some time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Washington, D. He hung out in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, a Bohemian enclave.

He got caught stealing hubcaps from cars twice and eventually landed in reform school, the California Junior Boys Republic in Chino.

Mc Queen initially struggled in this new environment, frequently breaking the rules and even escaping several times, before befriending a staff member and settling down.

When performance means everything, settle for nothing less.Their relationship grew increasingly stormy, fueled in part by Mc Queen's use of alcohol and drugs, until their divorce in 1978.Both of his ex-wives later stated that the actor could be physically abusive and was often unfaithful. He was almost unrecognizable in the film with his long hair, beard and heavier physique, and audiences did not know what to make of their action hero's portrayal of a scientist fighting against pollution.After this project failed at the box office, Mc Queen returned to more familiar character types.He starred in the Western By this time, Mc Queen was terribly ill.

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